Our three latest designs:

Housing development is one of our passions. It brings people in and helps grow our community. We have built six subdivisions in the town of Iroquois, three of which are completed and are full of vacant houses.  Some of these subdivisions have the option of two different types of houses, duplexes and custom single family homes:

-We offer a selection of duplexes for the customers to choose from with pre-made floor plans that we designed. We can work with the customer on tweaking and changing the floor plan to suit their needs.

-With single family homes the customer is free to choose which type of house they want, a bungalow or multi-storey house. They can choose the exterior look of the house and even the floor plan of the house. The house a customer chooses must follow bylaws and be able to fit on the lot. We work with the customers to ensure they get a custom home that they love.


Doran Creek Estates

West-End Terrace

Adult-Lifestyle Community

West-End Terrace is a subdivision that is designed for the adult-lifestyle. What makes this subdivision unique is that it is only for people who are 45 years of age or older and looking to downsize. We designed three different homes with this age group in mind. 

- Houses are no bigger than 1200 sq.ft. (less upkeep, easy to move around)

- All of these houses are on a slab which mean no stairs and no basement. (Lots of closets for storage though)

- Bathrooms have grab bars placed in them with walk-in showers and soaker      tubs.

- The entire floor surface is heated.

A basement can be arranged with the house for a minimal charge.

This subdivision includes amenities such as; municipal water, sewer, natural gas, high speed internet and cable.

If you choose, you can have a custom home in this subdivision. We will work with you to create a design of your choosing.

These are also great homes to buy and then rent out to people of those age!


​Iroquois, ON


Located east on the outskirts of Iroquois, Doran Creek Estates sits on Doran Bay which over looks the beautiful St. Lawrence river. The front side of Doran Creek Estates sits on the water while the backside is lined with bush. Along with the surroundings, the lots range from just under an acre to two acres, giving each lot comfortable space and some privacy. This subdivision is an area that is meant for larger houses that are higher end but not over the top. Doran Creek Estates is an ideal area for those looking to move away from the cramped city, or just for those who wish to live in their own comfortable space.

You're free to choose any lot in this subdivision along with a house of your choosing. We are more than willing to help design the perfect home for you.

This subdivision includes amenities such as; natural gas, municipal water, septic system, high speed internet and cable.

If you are interested in building a house in Doran Creek Estates, contact us now!