Clients change their mind during the building process and that's okay! Clients have a vision and even if that vision may change during the building process, we strive to make sure their vision comes true.

Here's an example on the client giving us their design, we rendered several 3D images for them and when they were satisfied, we built them the house!

As a registered builder we include the Tarion Home Warranty.

ā€‹Iroquois, ON

Swank Construction Ltd. has built hundreds of custom homes in the SD&G county.

When we say custom homes, we mean custom homes. You can choose how you want your home to look like inside and outside. From the type of foundation to the type of door knobs, we build to suit your needs. 

Turning an idea in a reality.

If you have an idea of a house that you would like built, we can more than likely turn that idea into a reality. We are happy to help you come up with the right design. Bring in sketches of a house and we can turn them into legitimate and approved plans for you. If you found plans but don't like certain features on it, we can help modify or adjust these plans to suit you. 

We can provide plans, realistic 2D and 3D images for you to review before you decide on a final house. 3D imaging helps gives you an accurate and realistic representation of a house. We can change and modify the images until you are satisfied. 

            Contact us and we can provide free estimates and images for you. 


We like to keep in contact with the client throughout the building process to make sure in the end you are ultimately satisfied with the final result. This is your house we are building and it's a custom home which means you choose what you want. You can choose what components and materials you would like such as the type of shingles, trims, flooring, cabinet, counter tops, insulation, siding, doors, windows and etc,. You tell us what you would like and we will get it done.